We All Have a Type…


Recently, I published a blog post and stated that bald men were not my thing. It was a fairly innocuous statement, and I was simply referring to my type. We all have types, right? Well, I like a thick head of man hair to run my fingers through. Sorry bald dudes. I’m sure you are great guys, I am just not into it. No worries, there are plenty of women out there that love your bald heads….as you so forcefully pointed out after reading my post. Actually, it is unbelievable how many bald men reached out to me; publicly and privately. One thing is certain, you guys are super sensitive about your baldness. I certainly didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers. The responses ranged from lighthearted to down right mean-spirited and it made me wonder, what if women were this sensitive about your type?

Women have been forced to listen to endless debates from men regarding a preference of big boobs or big butts. Blondes vs. Brunettes. Can you imagine, if after you admitted to being a boob guy, that every flat chested woman privately contacted you to let you know that she had a great personality and you were being unfair? WAHHHHHH. Well, that ‘s what happened to me. Seriously, several bald men privately contacted me to let me know that they are great guys and I am missing out on a great opportunity. Dear sensitive bald men, I am sure that you are all great catches, and if I were to get to know you better, we would be on our honeymoon right now. Just like I am positive that a man whose dream date is Sophia Vergara, would totally fall in love with me if he got to know me. Right? Don’t worry, gentleman, it’s ok for both of us to have a type. We are totally used to you objectifying our bodies, and putting us into categories. Is it a newsflash that we do it to you as well?

I have one friend that feels compelled to tell me how much he hates my short hair every chance he gets. You know when you get a new look and you can’t wait to show it off? Well, I cut my hair off prior to attending a wedding with this friend last year. I strutted into the bar, feeling really beautiful, and as soon as he saw me said, “what did you do to your hair?” I get short hair isn’t his thing, but couldn’t he have complimented my dress, instead? Nothing like an insult to suck the confidence right out of the night. I laughed it off, as I have been trained to do, but that comment repeated in my head on a loop for days. He really hurt my feelings. It’s one thing to talk in generalities (boobs vs butts), but it’s another to insult a human being personally (you are too flat chested for me). Men, do you see the difference? About 6 months after that, I posted a picture on Facebook of me and my friends enjoying a GNO at a local winery. As soon as the picture was posted, we started getting fun comments from all of our mutual friends. We were having a great time reading through and responding to the comments, when this one friend mentioned above wrote, “Grow your hair out.” Talk about being deflated. The whole table stopped laughing for a few, and looked at me to see my reaction. I sat there quiet and felt humiliated. My friends read it and wondered if this person was a mean ex? Nope, just some guy that feels he is entitled to insult me and my style personally.

Men, don’t be so defensive and stop being so hard on us. The best thing you can do is make a woman laugh. That’s truly the way to our hearts. In the end, little things like boobs vs butts, hair vs bald, blonde vs brunette don’t matter. They are just the spark and it’s laughter that fuels the fire. That being said, if you are over 6’, super thin, and have a thick head of hair….call me!

5 thoughts on “We All Have a Type…

  1. Jennifer Beard says:

    Love this. Each time a man gets judged for his baldness a 5’9″ woman who you called “giraffe” or “olive oil”or “to tall to date” gets her justice.

  2. Jane s says:

    poor men just can’t stand to be criticized. They can say mean and snide things about women and then get pissed off when we return the favor!

  3. Kathleen says:

    I think this might be my new favorite blog. Remember, women are more critical of ourselves then men… It is funny how a beautiful women critiques herself yet a man will look in a mirror or go out and think he is all that… It’s ok to have a type… Mine is male, single, has a job, funny, great soulful eyes preferably blue, green or grey… I too prefer the full head of hair it can be grey… I like that actually. I know it is weird but I check out a guy’s forearm… I know weird… And kinda nerdy… An accent trumps all though…. Especially Irish or Scottish… Ok so my type is Gerard Butler… There the secret is out. Anyway enjoyed this one

  4. Teddy says:

    I love it! I do have one question Holly, I had a beautiful “mullet” why didn’t you run your fingers through it 25 years ago? Teehee. Long live the bEaRd!

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