You never know who you’re talking to…

Opposing political views are what make this world go round. I love a good political debate. But here’s the thing, if your views have led you to be discriminating, disliking or oppressing, then chances are you have become an extremist, and you should re-evaluate your belief system. We seem to have lost empathy and too many of people have their congregations to blame.

I spend a good portion of a day with a person that claims to be a good Christian. Church twice a week, dinner with the their pastor, marital counselling with pastor, etc. I once heard this person compare gay rights to bestiality. So, you know, a true born again.

While discussing our kids and their Christmas lists, it was revealed that their teen has asked for Tyler Oakley merch. He’s the biggest LGBT advocate on YouTube. He’s pretty amazing. Not gonna lie, I love that this child, whose parent once equated a gay support group to a bestiality club, was able to break the mold. Also, the irony is hilarious. I had to bask in the glory of this moment, and really dive in to see how this made them feel…

The answer was the same as every other homophobic person, who thinks that they aren’t homophobic, “I have no problem with gay people, I just don’t approve of their lifestyle.” At this point, my face must have contorted around my botox, because they sensed I didn’t approve, and went on to say, “It’s not that I mind that they exist, it’s just so annoying when they always want to talk about their rights.” More botox contorting ensued….and then they dropped the ultimate phobic line, “you know, I have a gay friend.” I was literally screaming inside. I somehow kept calm and replied, “well, maybe when they get equal rights, you won’t have to hear them complain about it any longer….”

At the end of conversation, they logged onto Tyler’s website and ordered the Tyler Oakley sweatshirt. A small victory for equality, but a victory nonetheless. I didn’t even have to let her know that my own son is gay. I’ll save that bomb in my back pocket.

Straight, white conservative people seem to think that all straight white people have the same phobic beliefs. News flash peeps; we don’t. Times have changed. You are now the minority. In fact, you should no longer feel comfortable talking about your phobic beliefs, or dropping your racist one liners. If you have to look over your shoulder to see if what you are about to say will offend anybody, then maybe you shouldn’t say it. Rather, feel ashamed of those beliefs. Think of yourself as one of the few smokers left, that have been relegated out to a dark, rainy alley for a smoke. Keep your phobias and racism to yourself and leave it in that dark alley with the dirty cigarette butts. They don’t have a place in today’s society any longer.